BLUES is pivotal for advancing science, fostering sustainability, and driving green bioprocessing and circular economies by exploring marine invertebrates and innovating biotechnological solutions
  • Unlocking Marine Biodiversity

    BLUES explores marine invertebrates, rich in unique compounds, advancing knowledge for sustainable use.
  • Bioprocess Development for Increased Yields

    BLUES leverages consortium expertise to develop continuous cell lines for diverse phyla, including marine sponges, corals, sea cucumbers, and ascidians, promoting sustainable access to marine bioactive compounds while enhancing product yields.
  • Use of omics technologies for process understanding

    BLUES employs advanced technologies to unravel mechanisms, paving the way for a standardized cell chassis for bioactive compound production.
  • Support to green industrial bioprocessing

    BLUES contributes to the blue economy by establishing in vitro processes, providing controlled access to marine compounds without environmental harm, and developing novel bioprocesses for sustainable products.

Species we work with

Among the key species studied are sponges (Porifera), corals (Cnidaria), sea cucumbers (Echinodermata), and ascidians (Chordata). Each of these organisms contributes to the rich tapestry of marine biodiversity and holds promise for sustainable biotechnological advancements.

Who We Are

The BLUES project brings together a dynamic consortium comprising nine partners, each contributing unique expertise and resources to advance marine biotechnology.

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BLUES: Diving into Sustainable Marine Biotechnology
BLUES represents a pioneering endeavor in the realm of marine biotechnology, aimed at harnessing the vast potential of our oceans in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.
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BLUES kick off meeting on 16-17 January 2024
On 16-17 January 2024, we met in Wageningen to discuss BLUES goals and next steps. 
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